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Backlash Bitches and Other Conundrums

It has long been said by many learned observers (read: they agree with my tilt on things) that a person becomes what you call her. If you tell a child he’s stupid --- he will be. If you tell a child she can’t do math, she’ll make your words a prophecy. Repetition and reinforcement are, in reality, two of the three “Rs” of education (the third being racism --- but that’s another discussion). And by education I do not mean to limit the application of this principle to the formal classroom variety. Entire populations can be trained to mimic their handlers and embrace wholeheartedly the labels bestowed on them by others. All this is fairly obvious and perhaps even (gasp) non-controversial.

You're Fired!

Why, oh why should it come as a surprise that our President is acting like a CEO? Like a Master of the Universe whose mere whim becomes action and whose enemies disappear? For those of you fortunate enough to have no first hand experience working in Corporate America, let me connect the dots for you. You see, CEOs like Trump are used to doing what they want, when they want, if they want … and anyone who has the temerity to challenge them IS FIRED! So he wants to climb the corporate ladder into the presidency? He works with some folks he probably considers his “ace in the hole” aka the Russians, who can swing the election for him with some well timed hacks and leaks damaging his adversary’

Angry White Male Syndrome

I’ve read a bit over the years about left brain/ right brain, or lizard brain, flight or fight, the fear factor and such. And I know from observation that people who are engulfed by fear tend to shut down the rational part of their brains. It’s only natural – when you’re watching a predator coming to kill you, you don’t evaluate the larger moral implications of the act of killing – you either beat feet or turn and fight. And if running isn’t an option, you fight for your life with every ounce of strength and every strand of fiber. The trick, of course, is to accurately assess the existence of danger in the first place; and the appropriate reaction to the perceived danger so that it is in r



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