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Bill O'Reilly, WTF?

Where but in America could a man sexually harass a string of women, pay millions on millions of dollars to settle such claims, and then get a contract extension and a hefty raise? Oh wait, leave out the contract extension and you’re describing that Trump Chump, our nation’s poster child for crudeness, racism, sexism and divisiveness. But I’m ranting right now about that O’Reilly fellow – you know the one, the former Faux News guy who is lamenting that he’s mad at God for not protecting him the way he wished he would because of all the flack he’s getting for being a serial harasser. Let me get this straight – this white man is pissed at God because he hasn’t been “protected” like he should ha

Straight Outta History

A little while ago I revisited the movie “Straight Outta Compton,” the story of NWA from the mid-‘80’s to the mid-‘90’s. NWA’s rap was reflective of the reality in Southern California ghettos, and ghettos all across the U.S. at the time. The war zone atmosphere that permeated these ghettos was a result of the war being waged on Blackness – a brutal war still leaving victims in its wake. Rodney King’s legendary beating was one of the first to capture on video what was standard operating procedure for police officers in dealing with Black people – beatings and brutality that has become so standard in fact that the tactics take on nicknames as odes to their popularity – rough rides, joy rides

Perfect Storm

I read the other day that by 2043 the U.S. will be majority-minority --- several years earlier than predicted by those who spend their time predicting such things. Said study broke the demographics down by Latinos (called Hispanics as though all Spanish-speaking people are somehow of identical ethnicities), Blacks, Asians, mixed-race people and whites. As of today, the majority of children under 5 are also “minority.” Even the lingo we’ve become accustomed to using doesn’t serve in this new and inexorably approaching reality. At the same time (meaning today, already, current reality) those people of color under 18 are an almost majority, constituting over 40% and gaining fast. By 2019 the ma

Have A Blessed Day

So when did it become OK to totally trample my right to practice religion or not, to ignore my right to be free from proselytizing in commercial transactions and to completely disregard the possibility that I don’t believe what you believe and don’t give a damn about your fucking blessing? OK, I’m glad I got that out of my system. But really. It has become so common for some (presumably) well-meaning but addle-brained clerks to close a transaction not with “Have a Nice Day” which was inane yet innocuous, but with “Have a Blessed Day.” Do these people have no supervisors, or do they join them every day like our Attorney General in a morning prayer meeting? I don’t think I could resist brea



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