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And Winter Comes

Dark clouds roll across the matte grey sky. And it is beautiful. Leaves dance to a tune only they can hear. And it is beautiful. Tall pines and oaks reach up to speak to the clouds and sway gently to their whispered response. Winter comes to America. And if it were just limited to the natural cycle that we experience every year, it would be beautiful and I could try to wax eloquent in awe of its majesty. But the winter that has come to America is one of hatred, anger, opinion-based dogmatism, divisiveness, hypocrisy and the seemingly never-ending quest of those in power to grab more power at the expense of everyone else. The winter that has come to America may be among its last. The gr

Dancing on the Head of a Pin

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? About the same number of women who must accuse a powerful man of sexual harassment or assault before any one of them are believed. Oh, but those angels flitting about on the head of a pin are infinite in number you say? So are the number of women who are subjected to the lecherous exercise of power on a daily basis. And frankly, I don’t care if we’re talking about Roy Moore or Al Franken or Bill Cosby or Donald Trump or Bill Clinton or Bill O’Reilly or Harvey Weinstein or any of the legion of powerful men who have inflicted their attentions on countless unwilling women and girls. Because this issue isn’t a red state/ blue state issue, or a Bl

Trump as Caligula

Yeah okay so not necessarily in the kinky incestuous sex kind of way – although he did refer to his own daughter as a hot piece of ass – but in the “I can’t believe how crazy this dude is” kind of way. We all know we’re in the waning days of the Great American Empire, but who would have believed we’d hit bottom so quickly. And that’s one of the scariest things – you just know that after this Trump Chump leaves the White House (whether through impeachment, insanity or just boredom with his presidential duties) the next fool will be even worse. So while Trump is entertaining the masses with his idiotic antics, we’re swirling down the toilet bowl of history. Our country is frayed at the seams

House Arrest: Are You Kidding?

So let me get this straight: two alleged white (collar) criminals, charged with everything from money laundering to crimes against the United States, are allowed to surrender to the authorities, are arraigned the same day they’re arrested, then given bail and placed under house arrest. Oh yeah, I forgot, these two were also required to surrender their passports: all four of them – which should have been reason enough to deny bail since multiple phony passports is the very definition of flight risk. In the words of Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” I may not be a criminal lawyer, but even I know that crimes against the United States is another way of saying treason. And for this alleged offe



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