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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Dumbing Down of America

I was reading an account of one of the Trump Chump’s advisors who was trying to help a new member of the team communicate effectively with the Orange One. His advice was to keep it short, use lots of pictures and stay away from complicated subjects or compound words – in other words dumb it down. The fifteen second attention span, the inability of too many people to communicate even the simplest concepts, the fierce defense of nonsensical assertions – these things didn’t spring up overnight and infest the American populace like a plague, it was the culmination of decades of attacks. It was the goal of the onslaught against an educated public. I’m reminded of an old cheesy sci-fi movie from

The Luxury of Peace

I look around the world at the war ravaged lands and the displaced people nobody wants and know with chilling certainty that war is coming to America. We’ve waged enough, incited enough, sold arms to enough that if war comes to our land from foreign shores it should come as no surprise. But the likeliest war to be fought in this country is one for the soul of our freedom. We are at a crossroads, and can see the road that lies beyond. We are at that juncture that historians will point to and say, “Here’s where it all went wrong.” Now, I could have chosen an earlier time in our country’s fabled past as one of those pivots on which history hangs with equal accuracy, but the starkness between

The Russians Are Coming

Like so many Americans, I’ve watched the unfolding of the Russian scandal with endless fascination and more than a little trepidation. And despite the 24/7 news cycle available in as many political flavors as offered by the fabled ice cream store, there are always more questions than answers. But if I were the inquisitor, there are a handful of questions I’d ask. Of course, in today’s world of flexi-facts and fake news, the answers hardly matter since there would be some people who would follow the party line – whatever that was – despite all evidence to the contrary. For everyone else, here are the top 15 questions on my hit parade: Why did Trump fire Comey? Why does Trump want to fire Ros



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