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When Murder is Just Good Business

As our young folks shame us into making common sense changes to gun control laws, my thoughts turn to how America became such a gun-toting nation, and as usual, big business is the answer. The NRA’s insistent drumbeat that Americans have always clutched their guns with one hand as they wave the flag with the other misstates history. Look back 50 years – because a knowledge of history is one thing master manipulators don’t want you to have – how many people in urban areas had guns? Not many. The truth is that those people in the areas sometimes called the “Heartland” or “Red States” or “Rural America” have always had guns, because when you live in the country a gun is merely a tool to protec

Two Parties Just Ain't Enough

The current dilemmas faced by the two-party system demonstrate its inherent problem: two parties just ain’t enough. We’ve got Republicans holding their noses while they tow the line, and others in outright revolt while the uncomfortably silent majority blushes and looks away. We’ve got Democrats trying to curry favor with disgusted Republicans by out-conservative-ing the conservatives and others wanting to burn it all down and start again. And these fragmented divides demonstrate the limitations of the two-party system. Let’s face it, Independents are usually disaffected Dems or Repubs who switched parties to stay in office, and Greens, lamentably, don’t seem to count; so what we’re left w

Guns and Money

The activist children of the most recent school shooting are learning a hard lesson about the reality of life in America today: nothing matters more than money. Not the safety of its citizens, not freedom from terror, not the lives of its children – nothing. When the answer to gun violence is more guns; when the answer to nuclear proliferation is more nukes; when the answer to every medical condition known to humanity and some that are made up just to sell a pill is a pill – and then another five pills to address the side-effects of the first one – we are staring at the abyss of our own destruction. All the lofty ideals spouted by politicians ring hollow if they sacrifice their people on th

A Few of My Favorite Things

(Sung to the Tune from "The Sound of Music") Porn stars on talk shows and threatened steel tariffs Transgender ban, arming teachers like sheriffs Russian indictments and Dreamers’ dashed dreams These are a few of my favorite things. Shithole nine-tenths of the world that we live in Women whose pussies he’s grabbed just won’t give in Klansmen and Nazis are good people too These are a few of things we can do. When the bots lie When the tweets fly When I’m feeling sad. I simply remember that mid-terms are near And then I don’t feel So Bad.



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