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Unaccompanied Minors: A Walk Through Time

So that Trump Chump has come to his senses and rolled back, however slightly, the whole “snatch a baby off its mother’s breast” thing, huh? Well let us not forget how quickly and horribly things can run amok when the populace is inflamed with the passion of prejudice against a population deemed “other.” We like to think of this country as living by the laudable aims of its slave-holding forefathers, who eradicated the native population with smallpox in blankets and built the nation on the backs of stolen people – and indeed we are walking through time in their footsteps. Even a cursory knowledge of this country’s history reveals a pattern of hostility, imprisonment, enslavement and attempte

The Economy is Booming?

I'm tired of hearing about how the economy is booming. From the talking heads to that Trump Chump to Wall Street and its grasping minions, all the echo chamber reverberates with shouts that "The Economy is Booming! The Economy is Booming!" Of course, the economy is always doing well for rich folks ... unless they're throwing themselves off tall buildings, which hasn't happened in about a hundred years. But let's be real for a moment, shall we? It's not "the economy" that's moving along on greased skids, it's the super rich -- it's the corporatocracy. Corporate profits soared in 2010 after a fresh infusion of taxpayers' billions and they haven't looked back since. The workers --not so mu



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