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Crying Wolf

One of the myriad problems with this president is that of precedent. Having elected an idiot, a hateful, divisive bully who can't be bothered to become informed about the issues confronting the country because he's so busy tweeting about his own glory, the question becomes: how low can we go? How low is the bar being set for residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? How much worse will we allow our so-called leaders to behave? When we're used to a daily dose of lunacy, are we even able to recognize just how desensitized to craziness we've become? What other failings will we blithely accept in our commander in chief? Ax murder, arbitrary executions, genocide, nuclear war? And one of the othe

God Bless Pat Buchanan ... And Ronald Reagan's White America

Sometimes a hard and ugly truth gives more comfort than the prettiest of lies. Sometimes the time worn euphemism rings painfully hollow when the proof of the venal reality it represents is astonishingly obvious. Sometimes you just want to hear the real deal, the core truth, the heart of the matter, instead of the nattering of talking heads verbally tip-toeing around the minefield. And Pat Buchanan has finally put into unambiguous words the truth behind much of Trump's rhetoric and the popular angst that embraces it: Make America White Again ... White like it was in Ronald Reagan's America -- The Survival of White People Depends on It. But wait. What? Ronald Reagan was president in the 198

Brazil and the U.S.: Joined at the Hip for Better or Worse

As some of you know from reading my bio, I try to spend some time every year in Brazil. I’m currently in my adopted country enjoying the people, the culture, food and music – and caught up in the collective angst of many Brasileiros about what’n the hell their new President Bolsonaro is going to do next. I’ve always believed that Brazil and the U.S. shared many things in common: a history of being colonized by Europeans, a history of said colonizers nearly eradicating the native population, a history of African slavery cruelly used to enrich said colonizers and form the base of the nation’s economic leg up on non-slaveholding countries; a diverse culture peopled by those from every part of



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