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Guns and Drugs

Or drugs and guns. Whichever order your prefer, the formula spells death, destruction and misery worldwide. You may think of steaming ghettos and favelas teeming with thugs and junkies when you hear that phrase, and of course, such is the reality of too many of the worlds' poor and oppressed. Yet these are but the side-effects of a larger disease known as Big Pharma and (using the Portuguese word for "gun") Big Arma -- the twin evils that afflict too much of the world's population. Ironically, like the man behind the curtain we're all taught to ignore, the governments and mega-corporations that manufacture these weapons of mass destruction are nearly invisible players in the drama, and are

Shaming is No Substitute for Conversation

We Americans love to talk. Incessantly. Irreverently. Sometimes hilariously. Social media is ablaze with our chatter. We will talk about anything from tantric yoga to toilet paper -- except when it comes to racism. We have developed the habit -- goaded greedily by the media, ever hungry to feed the 24-hour news cycle -- of calling out a bad guy and excoriating him for his sins without ever really delving into the subject. Public shaming has replaced rational discourse on far too many subjects, but one of the biggest offenders is the dance we have perfected with racist-shaming. We point our fingers at the perpetrator, demand an apology; and, if we like the person, an apology is all that



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