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Bill O'Reilly, WTF?

Where but in America could a man sexually harass a string of women, pay millions on millions of dollars to settle such claims, and then get a contract extension and a hefty raise?

Oh wait, leave out the contract extension and you’re describing that Trump Chump, our nation’s poster child for crudeness, racism, sexism and divisiveness.

But I’m ranting right now about that O’Reilly fellow – you know the one, the former Faux News guy who is lamenting that he’s mad at God for not protecting him the way he wished he would because of all the flack he’s getting for being a serial harasser.

Let me get this straight – this white man is pissed at God because he hasn’t been “protected” like he should have been? This is a man who is about as protected as they get -- a multi-millionaire in a world where your worth is decided by the number of digits in your net worth.

A man who has never and will never have to worry about that traffic stop that could lead to the end of his life for the crime of Driving while Black. A man whose bad deeds were not only overlooked by his employer, but were apparently rewarded – handsomely. If he were any more “protected” he’d be on the endangered species list (except for the fact that the EPA is being eviscerated like the carcass of a hunter’s prize).

Doesn’t he understand that if he were poor, or non-white, his ass would have been arrested, convicted, and slapped with the label of sex offender and put on a registry for all to see and revile. Doesn’t he realize that it is his very white, rich privilege that allows him to lament the fact that after paying the paltry sum of $32 Million, he’s pouting because God has forsaken him. As in, didn’t stop those loudmouth bitches in their tracks and get him his job back at Faux News.

But what the hell? He’s got enough money that he never needs to work, nor do his heirs for the next couple of generations, so what is he whining about? He’s whining about the fact that as a white man, he should reign supreme on all he surveys, unfettered by his bullying instincts and free to inflict himself on lesser-thans.

I’ve got news for Mr. O’Reilly, and not of the fake variety. You and your cronies’ days are numbered, and while you may think God has forsaken you, just wait.

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