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Trump as Caligula

Yeah okay so not necessarily in the kinky incestuous sex kind of way – although he did refer to his own daughter as a hot piece of ass – but in the “I can’t believe how crazy this dude is” kind of way. We all know we’re in the waning days of the Great American Empire, but who would have believed we’d hit bottom so quickly.

And that’s one of the scariest things – you just know that after this Trump Chump leaves the White House (whether through impeachment, insanity or just boredom with his presidential duties) the next fool will be even worse.

So while Trump is entertaining the masses with his idiotic antics, we’re swirling down the toilet bowl of history. Our country is frayed at the seams where the red is pulling away from the blue on the Old Stars and Bars. And I don’t think it will hold.

We’ve long said there are two Americas, but I think it’s closer to the truth that there are scores of Americas instead.

The rich, the poor, the Black, the white, and all shades in between; the ignorant and the educated, the New Left and the Alt Right – they all spell a splintering of the foundation, a rift in the fabric.

And poised at the frayed borders, like a wicked child running with scissors, is our president. Snipping and sniping and rending the taut cloth of our frail democracy, he is egging on the destruction of this fragile union all in the name of greatness past. When will we learn from our collective past? Probably after our nation falls in tatters to the floor of history.

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