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Trump the Millennial

The stereotype slapped on the Millennial Generation is like most other stereotypes: bits of truth mixed in with a bunch of lies. But if the stereotypical Millennial exists, he’s sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Let’s take a look at the attributes of the “typical” Millennial. First, they think all of their accomplishments are theirs own alone – in other words, they’re born on third base and think they hit a triple. They show up for a new job on day one and by lunchtime are waiting for a promotion.

Here’s a guy whose father “loaned” him a paltry $12 Million, filed for bankruptcy six times, and still considers himself a great businessman. Here’s a guy who, with no political experience, surprised himself (and horrified others) with his election one year, who the very next year has decided that he’s mastered the Art of the Presidency and is ready to rock and roll. Check number one.

Second, their egos require constant stroking and trophy awards, which they receive just by virtue of showing up.

Trump reserves his most vitriolic wrath for those who disagree with his actions and fawns over anyone who smiles his way – including the heads of hostile nations like Russia, apparently. He is stacking his staff and cabinet positions with people savvy enough to tell him “Your new clothes look great Mr. Emperor” despite their lack of anything that smacks of actual experience or qualifications. But they like him, or seem to like him, and that’s enough. Check number two.

Third, they have an unnatural attachment to all things social media, which explains why in a crowd of fifteen Millennials, each one can be seen texting or tweeting or FaceBooking or Instagramming or SnapChatting – and some of them will be doing so with others they’re standing right next to. When they’re not glued to social media, they’re taking selfies – ad nauseum – the narcissist in them on full display.

Trump’s tweet obsession and his preening, “cock of the walk” pose so brilliantly captured on Saturday Night Live – and then his tweet-spat with Alec Baldwin for his spot on mimicry. Enough said. Check number three.

Fourth, they are the first generation to come of age in the Age of the Reality Show. The effect being that too many people view life through that artificial lens.

Trump is the Producer in Chief, who greets folks at a briefing in the White House by welcoming them to the “studio” and who has used the catch-phrase of his reality series to death: You’re Fired! He’s surrounding himself by telegenic former FoxNews stars, because they’re two-fers: they love him and they really get the reality TV thing. Check number four.

I could go on and on, but fear I’m unduly slandering even the fictional stereotypical Millennial. I can only hope that en masse Millennials will borrow a line from Groucho Marx and turn it on its head, and expel the Trump Chump from any club that would have him as a member.

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