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The Economy is Booming?

I'm tired of hearing about how the economy is booming. From the talking heads to that Trump Chump to Wall Street and its grasping minions, all the echo chamber reverberates with shouts that "The Economy is Booming! The Economy is Booming!"

Of course, the economy is always doing well for rich folks ... unless they're throwing themselves off tall buildings, which hasn't happened in about a hundred years.

But let's be real for a moment, shall we? It's not "the economy" that's moving along on greased skids, it's the super rich -- it's the corporatocracy.

Corporate profits soared in 2010 after a fresh infusion of taxpayers' billions and they haven't looked back since. The workers --not so much.

The workers have continued to get downsized and right-sized and RIF'd, doing three jobs instead of one and getting 1% raises per year. And that's if you're a corporate office worker bee.

If you're on the retail or operational end of things, you're making just enough to be disqualified from welfare, and if it weren't for Obamacare (however long that lasts) you wouldn't have a chance of affording health insurance.

As it is, you've got to cobble together two or three crappy jobs in order to afford your overpriced rent and a grocery bag for trash.

Ask your so-called average American how well they're doing financially, and if they're honest they'll tell you that they've barely hanging onto solvency -- or in many cases, they've already lost that fight.

But the corporations, the mighty behemoths of economic growth -- they're doing just swell. Corporate profits are breaking records set in the days of the Robber Barons, and taxes, thanks to the Orange One, are lower than ever.

Of course, a handful of the mightiest corporate masters handed out bonuses this year to celebrate their tax windfalls. But rather than handing out money that amounts to a rounding error on their balance sheets, why not invest that money into workers' wages so they can surpass their 1980s era pay scales?

And the only thing worse than the corporate masters crowing about how great the economy's doing, is to hear the 99% echo that lie as if it were gospel -- ignoring their own realities in favor of thoughtlessly mimicking their masters' claim.

Sort of reminds me of a story from slavery days when the master's house was on fire and the loyal slave decried, "Master, our house is on fire!"

It's not your house, you fool, it's the master's house, and he'd just as soon see you burn up inside it than open its doors to the likes of you.

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