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I'll Go Home

Like the four American congresswomen targeted by Trump's latest tweet rants for their "un-American" philosophies, I have a whole lot to say about all the myriad ways this country is deeply flawed.

And like those four American congresswomen, I am not shy about expressing my opinion on any subject that catches my fancy, a right guaranteed by those white slave-supporting patriarchs of this country striving to form a "more perfect union."

And like those four American congresswomen, my ancestors did not come over on the Mayflower. They came in on the Jesus of Lubeck, the Wanderer, the Henrietta Maine, the Whyday Gally, the Lord Ligonier, the Tecora, the Brooks, La Amistad, the Hannibal, the Prince of Wales, the Fredensborg, and the USS Nightingale, just to name a few of the United States slave ships who brought my ancestors to this great land of the free and the brave.

My ancestors were not welcomed to these shores by the Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island. They were not, and to many Americans, I am not to this day, considered "real" Americans by those who think they are.

Well, Mr. President, let me break it down to you. I'll go back to my ancestral home when you pay me what you owe me.

When you pay me the wages my ancestors would have made had they not been stolen and forced into slavery. Of course, that bill would include 400 years of interest, compounded every day between now and then.

I'll go back to my ancestral home when you hand me the deeds to the land my ancestors' blood bought with their labor. Make no mistake, that would not only include the original 13 colonies, or even just the Southern states, but would extend to the very White House that you sit your white ass in today -- built with my peoples' slave labor.

I'll go home when my people are compensated for the 400 years of murders, rapes and beatings systematically perpetrated by so-called real Americans chasing the American dreams on our backs.

I'll go home when all of my people who are unjustly incarcerated for breathing while Black are freed from the morally corrupt criminal injustice system -- grist for the mill of an entire set of industries aimed at perpetuating our bondage.

How ironic that a second generation American has the nerve to lump all non-whites into the same parcel and mark it "Return to Sender." If you think that we should all go home to where we came from, Mr. President -- you first.

For that matter, if I do go home, I'm going to take everything we built or bought or paid for with me -- with interest.

But Mr. President, I don't need to go home, I'm already here.

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