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Serial Misogyny


A modern-day Ripper, a psychological torturer, a serial misogynist…

In the psychologically gripping literary thriller, Serial Misogyny, a woman’s discovery of her lover’s emotional manipulation leads her down the dark and twisting path of retribution…
Rebecca Dash appears to have the perfect man. Caring, kind, compassionate, Richard is everything she ever desired.

But when things start to fall apart six weeks before the wedding—from him cancelling the wedding that had been their shared dream for years, to faking a heart attack and threatening suicide -- he shatters their relationship and begins a series of disturbing incidents that force Rebecca to examine who Richard really is.

Rebecca begins to piece together the patchwork quilt of Richard’s sociopathic persona, revealing him to be a serial killer of the soul; a man who crafts false love of legendary proportions. A man whose every relationship with a woman is defined by his vicious attempts to destroy his lovers’ lives. A man who appears to be the perfect lover, while leading his victims to their psychological and emotional destruction.

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