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I Miss George Bush

Those are four words I never thought I would utter, or write, or think. And I don’t mean George “The Puppet Master” ex-CIA, Golden Triangle, Daddy Bush, I mean Shrub. I’ve been writing incendiary meanderings for years, mostly to myself, and looking back over my scribblings from years past I notice that I spent a lot of time bemoaning the antics of Shrub. You know the litany of really jacked up shit he did, or at least the top ten on my personal hit parade: (1) misleading the American people into believing that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction when he knew they didn’t; (2) invading a sovereign nation without provocation and in violation of international law; (3) waging an illegal

Consumers Unite!

You know, I’ve been thinking … always a dangerous thing. The last several months of political madness in the U.S. has demonstrated many things – how a mass movement can coalesce around the unlikeliest of allies; how millions of people can be summarily excised from the political process of a pseudo-democracy. It has also demonstrated how convenient it is to divide and conquer, and how easily we devolve to type, endlessly playing Charlie Brown to Lucy-with-the-football. So rather than write about all the ways we are different from one another, I thought I’d concentrate a little on how we are the same. And no, I’m not about to go down some “We Are the World” kind of rabbit hole. In this con



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