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Two Sides

The Travails of Trump, sort of like the Perils of Pauline, just keep coming like the fifteenth installment of a bad movie sequel. The indictments, the guilty pleas, the conviction (I write that in the singular even though I think we all know there will be more to come in short order) – and now the New York Times anonymous editorial and the White House Inquisition complete with polygraphs, all tell the story of a presidency under attack from nearly all sides. So as I rub my hands together and cackle maniacally, I turned my thoughts to those folks who chortled with glee when their chosen candidate Trump prevailed in the presidential election of 2016. And back then, I wrote about how all the

Two Beats of a Hummingbird's Wing

No, this isn’t about wings all aflutter and a hurricane on the other side of the planet. This is about the side of the planet we’re all on – our own – and how, in the scheme of the great tide of history, so much has happened in such a relatively short time. I think we forget that, caught up as we are in all our thunderous self-importance. It’s only been ninety-eight some years since women in America got the right to vote, and only another handful of years before that for Black folks – well, men that is. It’s only been eighty years since Nazis started their goose-stepping march across Europe, and only seventy some years since we decided Russia was our Enemy No. 1 (if you don’t count Trump



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