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Political Correctness and the Real American

As usual, when people forget history, they get stupid. Even before that Trump Chump declared war on political correctness, a growing number of malcontents decried its existence and used it as a rallying cry for the like-minded. But let’s not forget the state of affairs that preceded the advent of the dreaded p.c. Like being called nigger or spic or gook or wop or kraut or kike or mackerel snapper or towelhead as though that was your family, genus and species. Or being called faggot as you’re getting the hell beaten out of you for having the audacity to be yourself. Or being pinched on the butt while working in an office where you’re paid 69 cents for every dollar the male offender received.

Could I Live With It?

As a writer I often have flights of fancy in which I have conversations with imaginary people (or I have imaginary conversations with real people, it just depends). And you know I’m a recovering lawyer, so occasionally those conversations are a little like cross-examinations … or perhaps I’m channeling my inner reporter. But in any event, I was watching a guy on TV the other day, a Trump supporter, who was asked what he thought about his president’s recent comments about shit hole countries like Haiti and El Salvador and each of the 54 countries in Africa … you remember that one. And the guy said, “Well, it was crude … but I can live with it.” So that little voice in my head, you know the i

And Still They Say Nothing

Dog whistles have become air raid sirens, and bombs are falling from the mouth of the president. How much more damage to this country and to the world will he have to inflict before he is removed from office? Trump has confirmed others’ long-held belief that he was a hateful, narcissistic, racist, sexist, xenophobic former reality star who is unfit for the office of president. And while we have heard from many people decrying what Trump has made clear for all to see, members of the leadership of his own political party remain mute. The president has gone from chanting words at rallies about making America great again, to declaring his true message: “Make America White Again.” And still th

Take a Bow Mr. President

Your performance is one for the ages. Unfortunately, that includes our current age. As in now. We have now had confirmed what we long suspected – you are a carny barker reality star seeking a wider audience, higher ratings and bigger ad revenues – too bad you’re having to ply your trade from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You never wanted to be president. You never thought you had a chance – along with the majority of the voting public. Which is why you were so unprepared to assume office. You hadn’t lined up your cabinet or staff, which is why it took you so long to get around to doing it. You were as shocked as the rest of us, because it was never your aim or intention to actually win. No,



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