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Regime Change

For a country founded on the concept of democracy, we have become distressingly comfortable with overthrowing other countries' governments. You remember democracy, don't you? You know, people voting to install leaders of their own choosing? The idea of democracy is that the people -- not some foreign power, not some despot, not some dictator -- decide who guides their ship through the sea of politics. We decided Iraq's leader (you remember Saddam Hussein, right?) had morphed from friend to foe, and started a war with the stated and achieved objective of regime change. We figured we could take out Muammar Qaddafi in the name of regime change ... and look how that worked out. Libya is in rui

This is How They Do It

The usual suspects -- those talking head pundits who people the airwaves (and cable waves and net verse) -- have been scratching their collective heads at how low some folks will go. Ever since the Barr-Muller report was concocted they've asked how it is that so many people with previously unsullied characters could befoul themselves and sully their reputations by doing Trump's immoral bidding. Well kiddos, it's not that complicated. People who permit others to calibrate their moral compasses generally don't have a compass that functions. Sure, they've been able to slide through their privileged lives unscathed by the criminal record they'd be saddled with were they born poor and Black or



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