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Naked Privilege: It Ain't Pretty

Why are we surprised when the rich and powerful use their wealth to abuse their power? The myth of equality of opportunity still lingers in our national consciousness like the smell of yesterday's fried fish, or like a false memory planted before were able to put words to the lie we were taught to believe. We acknowledge, either openly or in some dark corners of our minds we choose not to illuminate on a regular basis, that an awful lot of people of the same racial hue "end up" being poor and marginalized, uneducated, sick, incarcerated and generally rendered null and void on the ledger of success. And we even give lip service to the idea that historical -- never current -- disadvantages ha


Have you ever noticed that some lessons you seem to learn over and over again, only to forget once more and be doomed to the fate of our faulty memories? Life lessons especially take glee at hiding out in the distant recesses of our minds, only to pop out at the most inopportune moments to say "I told you so ... dumbass." And this phenomenon is unfortunately not limited to an individual malady. In fact, it afflicts our entire species at times. Take, for example, the question that has come to symbolize our species' alleged higher thought process: "What is the meaning of life?" Of course, in order for it to even occur to you to ask this question, you must have all of your basic necessities we



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