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A Curious Turn of Phrase

Language is a funny thing. I should know, I play with it often and regularly rejoice at its wonders, turning it this way and that like a prism trying to catch the light just right. It's curious how the way a thing is called can either blind or illuminate. Take the word terrorism for example. We have been so conditioned to envision with that word the dusky Muslim from the other side of the world that we fail to recognize it when it comes from another, closer source. Like the shooter of politicians at a baseball park or the bomber who put OKC on the map for all the wrong reasons. You may be heartened to know that the powers that be have decided that the ballpark shooter had no “nexus to t

Man Behind the Curtain

Sometimes it feels like America is circling the drain of its own destiny. Another used to be country taking its place on the trash heap of history. We’ve got a carnie barker for president, shouting out inanities 140 characters at a time, stoking the flames of discord that are ravaging the fabric of our nation – hatred and distrust running rampant from shore to shore. And I can’t help thinking that the Trump Chump is like a B-movie version of The Great and Powerful Oz. All sound and thunder – and smoke. We need to be paying attention to the man behind the curtain, but we’re too busy obsessively glued to the late breaking news of the minute to notice all that we are losing. It’s too late to

The Trump Presidency and the Culture of Non-Compliance

So you know I’m a recovering lawyer, right? I’m going to go all lawyer on you for just a minute, then I’ll turn, once again, to my sojourn toward humanity. One of the things that I learned as a lawyer for a mondo corporation is that a corporation, like any other entity, institution or government, has its own culture. And that culture is almost always defined from the top down and permeates every aspect of the environment. Back around the turn of the century (boy does that make me sound ancient) when stories of corporate fraud hit the news on a daily basis, from Tyco to Enron to WorldCom to Arthur Andersen, billions of dollars were lost and lives were ruined by scandal – except the live



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