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Pet and Women Safety Act

Wait … what? Sometimes you’ve just got to wonder if the news is one perpetual April Fool’s joke. Apparently, our hard(ly) working Congress has finally engaged in some bipartisanship and passed a bill. No, not about healthcare, climate change or infrastructure or gun safety or hate crimes or living wage … but they have labored and labored and brought forth the “Pet and Women Safety Act.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a staunch womanist (meaning I love myself and have a brain -- sort of the same definition of a feminist in my book) and I have two dogs, two cats and two horses whose lives are considerably better than those of many humans on this planet. But there is something deeply wrong w

The Nixon Two-Step

After investigations by the Department of Justice, courtesy of Robert Mueller, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the New York Attorney General and others peeking into every organization or entity carrying the Trump brand run their course, you might ask: what’s next? Impeachment? That one seems like a non-starter however well deserved. Prison? If he were Black or brown or white and poor, he’d be locked up already for any of the numerous misdeeds he doubtless committed throughout his privileged life. But The Donald? Nah, it won’t come to that. Despite all the chin-wagging about nobody being above the law, we all know that’s hooey. If you can’t afford a high priced

Fear Immigration? Get Over It.

The worldwide rise of dictators-in-training (as in America’s Trump, Brazil’s Bolsonaro, The Philippines’ Duterte, Italy’s Salvini and Hungary’s Orbán) masquerading as the leaders of populist movements is the result of the head-on collision between fear of change and unchecked capitalism. The UK is battling over Brexit, a fight brought on by working people convinced that their economic plights lay at the feet of (dark-skinned) immigrants – while ignoring the fact that even if every non-white, non-Brit disappeared tomorrow, they’d still be struggling. France is besieged by yellow jacket-wearing working people lashing out against austerity measures and the loss of “traditional” French culture (

The Emperor is Naked and So is the Country

Many have said that Emperor Trump aka that Trump Chump is bare-assed naked no matter how much he tries to drape himself in regal finery. But what the last few years have really shown is the utter moral bankruptcy of the good ol’ U. S. of A. People ask, “Where did all the hate-mongering white supremacists and Nazis come from?” They came from the same city streets and country roads as you do. They are your brothers and fathers, mothers and sisters. In fact, in some cases, they’re you. People ask, “Why are we at each other’s throats?” It’s because a small part of the population has had their leather-tasseled loafers planted squarely on the throats of the other 99% and we’re fed up. People



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