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Death and ...

Nature. I bet you thought I was going to write “taxes” didn’t you? No, that would be the stuff of several blog posts, books and other boring tomes like I used to have to read in law school. What I’m thinking about today is the fact that nature is wondrous and terrible. Living in the country for these past few years, when I had been a dedicated city girl from day one, has been an education. Every day I see something awe-inspiring and everyday I learn something new. I’ve seen frogs mating and the DNA shaped strands of eggs by the millions streaming out of the female. I’ve seen majestic blue herons sweeping across the sky, then diving to pluck a fish from a creek or a pond. I wake to the


This morning I turned on the tube for my daily dose of WTF has that Trump Chump gotten into while I slept, only to be treated to the pageantry of the latest British royal wedding. And the vision of Meghan Markle walking up the steps to the cathedral and down the aisle on Price Charles’ arm reminded me of how history’s endless loops ensnare us all. This royal family that has welcomed its newest dusky addition with such grace and aplomb, single-handedly enslaved generations of Africans bound for the New World, starting with Elizabeth I. As reggae singer Sam Clayton, Sr. sang many years ago, “Like in 1565 when John Hawkins was given a royal charter from Her Majesty Elizabeth the 1st of England

Cultural Appropriation and the Invisible White American Culture

I got a chuckle this week reading about some kind of cyber-storm caused by a young non-Asian American woman from Utah wearing a cheongsam traditional Chinese dress to her prom and having a torrent of abuse hurled at her in cyberspace for appropriating the Chinese culture. Apparently some people, some of them with Asian surnames (or at least Asian surname cyber handles – could be Russians for all we know) were incensed at what they viewed as the theft of their culture. And I get it. I remember being appalled many years ago when Bo Derek sported cornrows in some movie – at a time when a sistah could be fired from her job for wearing her hair in that style, and none of those jobs were in Holl



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