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Heritage not Hate? Prove it!

As a Blue State transplant to a Red State, I’ve had to get used to seeing a symbol I’ve always associated with hate flying proudly from public and private spaces by people who disregard my feelings on the subject as easily as they overlook the blood and sweat of my ancestors in their history. Confederate flags on houses, trailers, pickups, bumper stickers, baseball caps and tee shirts -- the symbol abounds in the South. And on those occasions when I’ve had conversations about the meaning of that flag to those who wield it, I’ve been told that the flag is a symbol of “heritage, not hate.” No symbol stands for one thing to all people. The U.S. flag may stir feelings of pride and patriotism i

White Supremacists: Take A Page Out of My Book

Literally. Semi-spoiler alert – things don’t end well for them. But I’m not talking about my Downriver Trilogy, I’m offering some advice on how to get right with becoming a minority in this country. You see, they’ve already taken a page out of the civil rights movement’s book by positioning themselves as victims of injustice and in staging demonstrations to publicize their plight to the world. They’ve co-opted the language of that struggle by framing their message in freedom --- freedom to live around others of their kind, rejoicing in their culture and ensuring their survival – kind of a reverse integration sort of thing. So take the lesson one step further and learn what it means to be

The Paris Climate Accord and Hope for American Healthcare

One more campaign promise lay shattered at the feet of the Trump faithful. That wall that Mexico was going to pay for? Well, Trump is caught on tape admitting that it was all just smoke and mirrors – a bone tossed to those drug-addled New Hampshirites who were stupid enough to vote for him. Russia still appears to be pulling the strings and Trump can’t seem to keep his people from making obscene and anatomically impossible suggestions to their enemies -- nor can he seem to staff up White House functions for more than a couple of weeks at a time. And after six months of this idiocy with one scandal and lie followed by another lie and scandal, a glimmer of hope peaks over the horizon of the

The Fallacy of American Immigration: Stop the Lying

American the Polarized squares off on the immigration issue from two opposite corners: those who want to keep Amurika for Amurikins and to hell with all those brown people from South of the border who are stealing our jobs and polluting our bodies with the drugs they force us to take; and those who want to fling the borders open to all comers, and then pay for their healthcare and education and anything else they need to live the American dream. But let’s get real, shall we? Despite all the hue and cry over the Trump Chump’s latest shot across the bow on immigration – the R.A.I.S.E. Act – the immigration policy of the United States has always favored some immigrants over others. The Statue



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