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Free and Rich

Freedom. That loaded word bandied about by everyone from presidents warning us that our enemies hate us for having them, to advertisers selling adult diapers. That word sprinkled liberally throughout the documents announcing the creation of this country, and featured in every anthem and pledge associated with its founding. Freedom. That word that evokes in us the pride of our nation, at having achieved that evasive state sought by doomed empires of old. That word for which soldiers have died and killed; that word that symbolizes all that is great about the Great U.S. of A. And what does that word really mean today? We are free from chattel slavery, but not from the economic variety. We

Soylent Green

Is it just me? I find myself having to ask that question on a regular basis because what passes for real in these post-truth, fake news days can’t really serve as a reality check. But I’ve been thinking lately about our food supply, big business (agribusiness in this particular case) and the end game. Capitalism with a capital “C” meaning unchecked, unregulated, run-amok style of the beast that is devouring us whole, has as one of its more heinous trademarks the tendency to destroy the resources necessary to snare the market it seeks, as heedless of the inescapable results as a snake eating its own tail. When applied to our food supply, it means things like over-fishing our oceans to the e

Cassandra's Curse

Listening to winds roar across the valley below I think of the winds of change sweeping the world. Winds of war, winds of discord, singing a mournful melody like a tuneless woodwind in the hands of a child. And at times like these I am reminded of a dog sampling the wind, nose lifted high to taste the flavors in the breeze, twitching one way then the other to sniff out prey, or danger, or the scent of things to come. All the signs are here. The end days of an empire too large to defend; striding across the globe as its self-appointed policeman, as if we are the sole arbiters of moral authority when we are as bankrupt as any we seek to punish. Lead by a fool who’s in service to a tyrant –

Trump the Millennial

The stereotype slapped on the Millennial Generation is like most other stereotypes: bits of truth mixed in with a bunch of lies. But if the stereotypical Millennial exists, he’s sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s take a look at the attributes of the “typical” Millennial. First, they think all of their accomplishments are theirs own alone – in other words, they’re born on third base and think they hit a triple. They show up for a new job on day one and by lunchtime are waiting for a promotion. Here’s a guy whose father “loaned” him a paltry $12 Million, filed for bankruptcy six times, and still considers himself a great businessman. Here’s a guy who, with no political experience,



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