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Why Are Americans So Damned Miserable?

In between yoga and meditation, and while practicing mindfulness and focusing on the power of positivity, I’ve been pondering a question that has occupied the restless minds of Americans for years – why are we so damned miserable? We enjoy one of the highest standards of living on Earth, unless you’re one of the unfortunate number of poverty-stricken individuals struck by the ass end of capitalism, that is. We all have cellphones and TVs and laptops and X-boxes and tablets and multiple cars, knick-knacks and whirly-gigs galore. We have freedom others hate us for – or do they hate us for our destructive and exploitative foreign policies, I can never remember. Our grocery stores look like gour

The Hypocrisy of the N Word

Talking heads last week went all atwitter over claims that Trump said the word nigger at some point in his past – yeah, like probably that morning when throwing a tantrum over Omarosa Manigault Newman’s claim. Aside from the fact that nobody besides Ms. Newman, who is hawking her book, and the talking heads on the prowl to feed the 24-hour news cycle care, there’s another reason this pisses me off. Why is it that folks can stand your ground and shoot a nigger, imprison a nigger (or a few million niggers), deny a nigger a job and a house and healthcare and dignity – the cops can murder niggers by the thousand, the president can trash talk about niggers from shithole countries – but they dare



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