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Why weren’t all the German Jews murdered by the Third Reich? Because some of them saw the handwriting on the wall and got the hell out of there, that’s why. Well, I see the handwriting on the wall. And it is written in the blood of the past and future victims of this regime. There will be round ups. There will be witch-hunts. There will be blacklists. There will be camps. I am no Nostradamus but I am capable of deductive reasoning and discerning sequential cause and effect. After the next (non-homegrown) terrorist attack on America, the first victims will the Arabs. There will be round ups facilitated by the rosters and fingerprints collected of every Arab male 16 years and over livin

Corporate Protectionism

Sometimes I read something so jaw-dropping, so unbelievable that I can’t even fathom that someone put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or formed their lips to utter certain words much less formulate certain thoughts. What prompted this latest episode of outraged disbelief? I was reading Forbes magazine (I think it’s a good idea to check up on the latest mischief of the Masters of the Universe once in a while) and I came across this article talking about how xenophobia is akin to racism. Now what did this Great White Man mean by xenophobia? He was referring to American protectionism. Not the kind of American protectionism where the government actually looks out for the welfare of its citi

A Peaceful Journey

All I want is a peaceful journey through the minefield of life. Just a place to go to be left alone and to step off the treadmill headed to more of the same. That long and winding road strewn with the rubble of our dreams destroyed. Then again, in order to have a peaceful journey, I’ll need my basic needs met – someplace to shelter from the elements (with a flat screen TV and super-fast internet, of course), enough food to eat, immediate safety from predators for me and mine – that sort of thing. Many of us have those needs covered (notable exceptions being millions across the globe living in war zones or refugee camps – or those in the paths of Harvey or Irma) but those folks aside, once

I've Been Me For A Very Long Time

Call it what you will, sense of self, consciousness, identity or whatever – I’ve been me for a very long time. I was watching an old television series that first ran when I was about 16 or 17 and it transported me back to those days. And unlike some people who divide their lives into phases and identify separate eras of their development with the stroke of the clock, I realized that at that age, I was entirely me. And even before then. I remember coming out of a childhood depression that started at the age of 11 when I was 14, and while I definitely felt like a cloud had lifted (probably the result of a hormonal shift, that plus being tired of being depressed), I didn’t feel as if I had mo

An Open Letter to the Rest of America

To the 74% of white Americans who used to believe there was no race problem in this country. Who denied the existence of racism as a factor in every cause célèbre from Rodney King to Philando Castile. Who believed we had attained a colorblind society because we had a Black president. Welcome to reality. The reality for people of color who face haters like those who marched on Charlottesville every day of our lives. They come in the form of the hiring manager who trashes every application coming from an “ethnic” sounding applicant. They come in the form of the banker who redlines our neighborhood – corralling us in the ghettos like cattle penned for slaughter. They come in the form of th



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