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Is Biden Too Old or is the Progressive Base Too Young?

Watching the political theater of the debates, the second night, I was repeatedly struck by the thought: Damn, how old is Joe Biden? He started several sentences he never finished. His favorite responses always started "There are three points I'd like to make," whereupon he would start with the first, forget numbers two and three and meander his way into "Oh, my time is up..." The problem with a lengthy career of visible public service is that, well, it's lengthy and it's visible. Biden has been around the track a few times and has a record of positions, that while acceptable if not progressive in the '70s, are downright Neanderthal in 2019. Take for example his sparring match with Kamala H

The Man Who Took Down America

Freedom breeds complacency. Ignorance breeds contempt for knowledge. Opinion shaped by slogan rather than critical thinking is no substitute for fact. And right around now facts are as malleable as carnival taffy. The ringmaster of the circus that has become American politics has stoked the flames of destruction and whipped his adoring sycophants into a frenzied pitch. His attack on civility, derisively called political correctness, has made public discourse indistinguishable from the infamous locker room talk that heralded his ascendence. His appeal to the ugly side of America -- and there has always been an ugly side -- has made a mockery of those lofty sentiments that appear in the C



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