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The Fallacy of American Immigration: Stop the Lying

American the Polarized squares off on the immigration issue from two opposite corners: those who want to keep Amurika for Amurikins and to hell with all those brown people from South of the border who are stealing our jobs and polluting our bodies with the drugs they force us to take; and those who want to fling the borders open to all comers, and then pay for their healthcare and education and anything else they need to live the American dream.

But let’s get real, shall we? Despite all the hue and cry over the Trump Chump’s latest shot across the bow on immigration – the R.A.I.S.E. Act – the immigration policy of the United States has always favored some immigrants over others.

The Statue of Liberty has greeted many immigrants to these welcoming shores – Slavs, Irish, Italians, Germans, the list goes on and on. But many immigrants of a duskier hue either came involuntarily -- as in the case of the Africans bound for slavery or many Chinese lured by promises of gold in the streets only to have the railroads built on their backs -- or illegally because they could never quite meet the heightened standards applied to them.

There have been immigration quotas applied to citizens of other countries forever, and those quotas associated with Black or brown or yellow peoples were never as high as those coming from the European theater. America took a page out of the same playbook that colonizers have been using for centuries.

Look at Singapore, for example – that marvel of modern social engineering – and how its current demographic makeup came to be. Apparently, the Brits abandoned the Chinese/ Malay/ Indian population in WWII, yet tried to resume the mantle of power when the war ended, after years of the Japanese putting the mush on Singaporeans.

The Chinese, who had been the under-bosses during British rule, kindly informed the Brits that their overlord services were no longer needed and assumed that position for themselves. Up until that time, the population of Singapore was predominately Malay (not surprising considering Singapore is physically located in Malaysia) with some Indians sharing in the labor and some Chinese serving as the management class.

But after they declined the Brits’ offer to resume the top spot, the Chinese began an aggressive immigration policy that resulted in thousands and thousands of Chinese pouring into Singapore. And the balance of the population tilted decidedly toward the majority thus created – the Chinese.

So fast-forward to modern day America under Trump the Chump. The R.A.I.S.E. Act proposes to change the green card system that gives preference to familial relationships, to a “merits” based test where up market skills or a job offer from Google gives you the nod – and the ability to speak English, of course.

Let’s see … hmmmm … who might we be trying to lure to these welcoming shores this time around? The Western Europeans think we’re crazy for having elected Trump, so they’re not going anywhere – even though once the Africans totally take over that continent they might sing a different tune.

The brown and Black folks in Africa clearly weren’t the intended targets, since they weren’t welcomed ever since slavery in the U.S. was outlawed. Plus, all they’d do would be to hasten the demise of the white population even faster than it’s already happening.

And while some Indians and South Asians will definitely benefit from this new proposed paradigm, as soon as Trumpites figure out that they’ve essentially traded one brown enemy for another, that shit will end.

That pretty much leaves the Eastern Europeans -- except for the Muslims, that is – so we’re talking Slovenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and like that (sound familiar, since apparently Trump shopped for his latest wife out of that catalogue).

They have the benefit of being honest to goodness white folks (if you don’t go back as far as Hannibal or Genghis Khan) and they’re Christian by golly. Now all they’ve got to do is learn a little English and they’re all set.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump University opened a branch in Eastern Europe to teach the soon to be Americans all the IT skills they’ll need to succeed in Silicon Valley.

It’s the same old song sung to the same old tune … only now instead of the lie hidden by lofty words and a really big statue, it’s the truth laid bare for all the world to see.

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