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Have A Blessed Day

So when did it become OK to totally trample my right to practice religion or not, to ignore my right to be free from proselytizing in commercial transactions and to completely disregard the possibility that I don’t believe what you believe and don’t give a damn about your fucking blessing? OK, I’m glad I got that out of my system.

But really. It has become so common for some (presumably) well-meaning but addle-brained clerks to close a transaction not with “Have a Nice Day” which was inane yet innocuous, but with “Have a Blessed Day.”

Do these people have no supervisors, or do they join them every day like our Attorney General in a morning prayer meeting? I don’t think I could resist breaking into a Buddhist chant at one of those meetings – which is probably why they never would have hired me in the first place.

Do they have no sense of propriety? Have they all forgotten that one of the founding principles of this country was religious freedom? Well, if they ever knew it, they thought that meant freedom to practice their religion and everybody else better damn well like it.

Do they live such insular lives that they’ve never countenanced the possibility that some people wouldn’t like to be blessed by their gods or their saints or they martyrs or satyrs or whatever?

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s that they’ve never heard of Buddhism or Judaism or Islam (of course they’ve heard of that now haven’t they), it’s that they are smugly convinced that theirs is the only true religion, all real Americans practice it and if you don’t, you’re a heathen to be killed or converted --- whichever comes first.

I swear the next time someone says that to me, I’m gonna tell them, “And may Shiva tread lightly on the skulls of your ancestors.”

That’ll show ‘em.

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