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The Nixon Two-Step

After investigations by the Department of Justice, courtesy of Robert Mueller, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, the New York Attorney General and others peeking into every organization or entity carrying the Trump brand run their course, you might ask: what’s next?

Impeachment? That one seems like a non-starter however well deserved. Prison? If he were Black or brown or white and poor, he’d be locked up already for any of the numerous misdeeds he doubtless committed throughout his privileged life. But The Donald? Nah, it won’t come to that.

Despite all the chin-wagging about nobody being above the law, we all know that’s hooey. If you can’t afford a high priced lawyer, sure, you are indeed equally screwed in the eyes of Blind Justice. But if you can afford the services of a top notch mouthpiece … and if you’re already shielded from harsh reality by the cloak of power and privilege --- well, in that case, you can lie, cheat, steal and kill … and skate.

So as the noose is tightening around Trump, his associates and his family, I suspect he’ll harken back to one of his apparent role models, Tricky Dick; and do the ol’ Nixon two-step.

Don’t remember that dance? Well, it goes a little like this. First, he pardons his sons, his daughter and son-in-law (and any other family members who could be tainted by any of the ongoing investigations). Then, in exchange for his resignation, Pence pardons him after becoming president.

Of course, by then the Supreme Court will have ruled on the recently argued case about whether double jeopardy attaches after fulfillment of one sentence, say, a federal case, so as to prevent the assertion of a state case. Otherwise, the State of New York might have the temerity to charge Trump, et al. despite the federal pardons.

Back in the mid-70s when Tricky Dick first performed this two-step, I suspect the country was sufficiently relieved to get him out of office that there wasn’t much appetite for blood.

This time, though, Trump might not be able to waltz his way back to Fifth Avenue.

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